Wild Path Forest School Founder, Director

Katrina is an outdoor educator who believes that every day should include adventure.

After completing her teaching degree, Katrina began her journey into outdoor education by founding Red Robin Nature Preschool in Toronto. When she moved to Grey County in 2017 she began teaching at Little Sprouts Nature Preschool, a cooperative preschool run at Cedar Down Farm.

She is a graduate of the Ontario Master Naturalist Program, where she furthered her knowledge of Ontario's plant and animal species. She then had the pleasure of learning  and connecting with other educators at the Forest and Nature School Practitioner course run by Forest School Canada.

When not at forest school Katrina can be found hiking on the Bruce Trail, gardening, and spending time with her husband and son.

B. Ed., Primary/Senior

M.Sc., Anthropology

Graduate of the Ontario Master Naturalist Program

Certified Forest and Nature School Practitioner 

Our Mentors



Wild Path Forest Preschool Teacher

Rosemary believes in the importance of Forest Schools to foster each child's love and understanding of nature and self confidence.

As a mom with young children Rosemary homeschooled and ran a play group in Toronto before moving to Neustadt to surround her family with nature. Rosemary was also a substitute teacher at Edge Hill Country School and ran the school's parent and child program while running a market garden.

Rosemary has a Certificate in Garden Design from UBC, and has continued her education at the Rudolf Steiner Centre taking their Foundation Studies, Biodynamic Farming, and New Adult Learning programs. She is enrolled in the Forest and Nature School Practitioner course run by Forest School Canada.

Rosemary holds the children in a circle of love and safety (and lots of singing!) within which they are free to explore and thrive.


Currently enrolled in Forest and Nature School Practitioner Course



Wild Path Forest School Mentor

Angelica is an avid crafter, plant lover, and student of nature. She believes in the importance of providing children with a meaningful mental, physical, and emotional connection to the natural world through playful exploration. She feels that it is necessary for our survival as humans to have a reciprocal relationship with nature that is based on respect and mutual caregiving. She loves spending time with children in nature, and is continually inspired by their curiosity, imagination, and innovativeness! 

Angelica grew up rurally on the coast of British Columbia, where the forest and the intertidal zone were her playground and classroom. She now lives on Aldergrove Farm, which is located on the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway nation. She and her partner plan to grow their own food and make a home here, using sustainable gardening practices and experimentation with natural building.



Wild Path Forest School Mentor

Emily is a recent graduate of the Education program at Lakehead University. Getting to live and learn in Thunder Bay provided Emily with lots of amazing outdoor opportunities. She has grown up in this area and loves exploring the Bruce Peninsula. 

When not at forest school Emily can be found cooking, camping, or golfing. 

B.Ed., Intermediate Senior

B.Kin., Minoring in Environmental Studies



Wild Path Forest School Supply Teacher

Kara has a Bachelor’s in Literature and Global Culture Studies, as well as a Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement, all from Western University. 

Over the years, she's occupied many roles such as stage actress, house cleaner, tooth fairy, kombucha mixer, espresso server, pretend medical patient, and most recently kindergarten assistant at Edge Hill School. After much here and there-ing, Kara is glad to have landed in Grey County just this past winter and looks forward to exploring the area. 


When not at Forest School, Kara can be found wandering down trails, arranging tiny things on shelves, learning songs for kindergarten in September, and admiring the four Highland cows at the farm where she lives.


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