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Wild Path Forest School is dedicated to fostering deep connection between children and the natural world.

Through play and exploration in forests, fields, and gardens children develop confidence, resilience and a sense of wonder. Experienced mentors support children in their exploration and extend their learning by providing resources and encouraging inquiry. 

Development of connection, caring, and ecological awareness empowers children to become stewards of the natural environment.  

***In 2024 year we are only running Summer Camp. Camp registration opens on February 1!***


Explore - Connect - Grow

"Wild Path Forest School is such a treasure!  My children have benefitted so much from the experience and enthusiasm for nature from the amazing staff, and they continue to use their knowledge on a daily basis.  They can tell me the name of a flower, or share a fact about how a particular animal lives in the forest, and I can tell that the time they spend with this amazing crew has enhanced their lives for the better.  I wish that all children could attend a school such as this - our world would be a better place if we all grew up playing in the forest."

 - Ceri Sumner

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